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We are proud to represent Madico Window Film products. We have used their products with great satisfaction for all 30 years we have been in the business. Madico is one of the most highly respected manufacturers of films and laminates worldwide. The company is more than 100 years old and is located just outside Boston, Massachusetts.
Recently, Madico was honored by having 45 of it's window films certified by the NFRC
( National Fenestration Rating Council). This means that MADICO now has more than twice the number of NFRC certified films than ANY other manufacturer.

V-Kool is our more recent addition to our offerings. We have been using these films since the year 2000. V-Kool is a unique film in that it is virtually clear with superb heat control.

 V-Kool window film is the product of   
 major advances in surface and particle
 science. It was originally developed for 
 America's Space and Defense    
 programs. Popular Science has
 selected V-Kool as one of the most
 scientifically significant products of
 the past 1000 years.

 This virtually transparent window film:

 - Blocks up to 98% of the infrared heat  
   that drives up air conditioning costs 

 - Eliminates 99% of the sun's UV rays

 - Allows 70% of visible light through
   to preserve the visual integrity of your
   home or business

Madico offers a myriad of choices in window films including designer, decorative, safety & security, and it's newest Advanced Ceramic line......Visit their website to learn more.